Announcing “Dinner With Dan”, A Series Of Private Events With End-User Customers

While many industry conferences do a good job of bringing people together, one of the best ways for vendors to collect industry data and learn what products and services customers need is via small, focused networking events. With that goal in mind I am please to announce that is starting a new series of events called "Dinner With Dan".

The events, which I will organize and moderate, brings together end-user customers for a dinner and discussion around a particular topic. These dinners are a great way for vendors to get one-on-one face time with a small group of customers and utilizing my rolodex, make new introductions to companies they may not normally be able to easily get in front of.

I have done a few of these private dinners already and they have been very successful at bringing together about a dozen customers to have a fun and rewarding conversation about their business challenges and the products and services they are looking for in the market. The sponsoring vendor, only one per dinner, gets to ask questions, collect feedback and get in-person introductions directly with decision makers.

I'm excited to start offering this as a service to companies as I get a lot of requests from vendors for customer introductions and these dinners are a great way of pulling together a small group of executives for a very rewarding discussion. If you are interested in more details on these events, please email or call Joel Unickow at (250-716-8815) who can give you all the details.