Ignite Technologies Acquires Live Peer-To-Peer Technology From Abacast

On Monday I mentioned that I knew of one company selling some P2P assets and now I can officially talk about the deal. Ignite Technologies has acquired the live peer-to-peer technology from Abacast along with two patents (6,970,937 and 12,265,581). Terms of the deal were not disclosed but I can confirm that the sale price was under $500,000 dollars.

Ignite, which was already working with Abacast for a few years, will leverage the peer-to-peer technology to enhance the peering capabilities of Ignite's client technology for their enterprise customers. Abacast has been out of the peer-to-peer video space for a few years now and is primarily focused on providing streaming, ad insertion and management and analytics for radio stations. With their business so focused on the radio vertical, it's not surprising to see Abacast sell off their peer-to-peer technology. The sale to Ignite is specific to Abacast's live peer-to-peer platform, but I expect they wil also sell off their on-demand peer-to-peer platform as well.