Blockbuster Closing Stores, Selling Pre-Owned Movies For 2x What Amazon Sells Them For New

Blockbuster-store Earlier today, signs went up at my local Blockbuster store saying the location was closing and that everything was now on sale. I decided I would pick up a few games and DVDs on the cheap, but boy was I wrong. Of course I should of known that this is Blockbuster and they don't do anything that makes sense, so I probably should not have been so surprised to see that Blockbuster is selling most of their pre-owned DVDs for 2x the price that Amazon sells them for new.

Salt As an example, Blockbuster is selling the Deluxe Unrated Edition of Salt for $16.99 for a pre-owned copy. Amazon sells it new for $8.99 and sells the Blu-ray version for $13.99. Blockbuster's store shelves were full of movies priced at $14.99 and $16.99, all pre-owned, and all 2x more expensive than buying them new from Amazon. Apparently Blockbuster doesn't know what movies rent OR sell for these days. I don't like seeing a company go under, it puts a lot of people out of jobs, but in this case, as a consumer, one can't help but be happy to see Blockbuster closing down. Any company that treats consumers as if they are idiots and thinks they don't already know of other options in the market for getting movies cheaper and in better quality, does not deserve to stay in business.