Intel Launching Online Movie and Video Service, “Intel Insider”, Allow Streaming To TV

Talk about a crowded industry. In addition to BestBuy, Sears, Walmart, Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Netflix, and others offering online movies for rental and purchase, Intel just announced their plans to launch their own movie and video service, dubbed Intel Insider, by the end of March. But unlike other services in the market today, Intel's movie and video platform will be tied directly to their new second generation Core processors also just announced at CES.

It's an interesting approach and one that's quite different from all of the others offerings in the market as it offers the studios hardware protection for their movies, as opposed to software protection of the content. Pricing for movies has not yet been disclosed, but the release does say that movies will be offered in 1080p quality and will be available the same day as DVD/Blu-ray releases. Intel also mentions a couple of content partners in the release including Warner Bros. Digital Distribution and Cinema Now. In addition, Intel also plan to allow consumers to stream movies wirelessly to their TVs using what Intel calls WiDi 2.0.

We're going to see a lot of news like this coming out of CES this week and it's amazing to think of how quickly the landscape is going to change for the way consumers find, purchase and shift the consumption of video from one device to another.