Come Hear The Latest On HTML5 And Web Video Standards

As video becomes increasingly important on the web, content providers, browser developers, and end users can no longer afford to have the primary video delivery mechanisms locked up in standards that cannot be adapted to new environments. This is especially true for emerging trends such as mobile video and cross-device video technologies. HTML5 Video might be the answer, and at the Streaming Media West show next week, we'll discuss what it is, the challenges it's facing, and how it affects other formats such as Flash and Silverlight, as well as how leading platforms and web giants such as Google, Mozilla, and Apple are supporting it. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Moderator: Tim Napoleon, Co-Founder, President, Alldigital
  • Jeroen Wijering, Chief Digital Architect, LongTail Video
  • John Luther, Product Manager, WebM Project
  • Gerald Abrahamian, Executive Director, New Media Operations, Comcast Entertainment Group

You can register online for the Streaming Media West show and get $300 off by using my personal discount code of DRF1. Have a question about the show? Someone you want to meet? Reach out to me and I'll be happy to make an introduction.