Many Vendors Promoting Mobile Services Don’t Have Websites That Work On Mobile Devices

I recently upgraded to a Blackberry and one interesting thing I have noticed is that many vendors who are actively promoting mobile services in the market haven't made their own websites accessible to mobile devices. Is that their way of saying mobile is more hype than reality if even they haven't made their website viewable on a mobile device? I don't need to call out any companies by name but all you have to do is type in the URL of some of the largest vendors offering different kinds of mobile services and most times you will get a page that asks you to download the Flash player or their standard website not optimized for a mobile browser.

It's possible that some of these vendors do in fact have mobile sites but that their home page is not setup to sniff what browser of OS you are coming from, which defeats the purpose of having a mobile site to begin with. I really think that any vendor who is offering mobile services in the market has to have their own website accessible by mobile devices in order to be taken seriously.