Hundreds Of Jobs Positions Open In The Online Video Space

It’s been awhile since I did a round-up of all the jobs available in the industry and taking a look at vendor’s websites and, I see more than 300 open positions for sales, technical, marketing and product roles – and not just at vendor companies. Below is a run down of the ones I have seen so far and you can send me an email if you would like me to add your company to the list:

  • Adobe: has at least 12 open jobs pertaining to online video including a TV Everywhere Support Engineer, Sr. Computer Scientist for the Flash Media Server position and whole host of others.
  • Akamai: has at least two dozen open positions
    having to do with video including a Director of HD Strategy, Product
    Line Director of video delivery, Senior Product Manager for streaming,
    Quality Assurance Engineer for Streaming SQA and a lot of interactive,
    marketing, product and engineering positions.
  • Comcast: has multiple open positions for CDN engineers in their Comcast Converged Products (CCP) Service Delivery group.
  • EdgeCast: has 9 open positions for business development, programming, networking, database and marketing roles.
  • Elemental Technologies: has 4 open engineering positions.
  • Hulu: has 16 open jobs for software, database and customer support positions.
  • Kaltura: has 6 open positions for HTML5 developers and sales and biz dev roles.
  • KIT Digital: has 21 open positions for developers, engineers and project management.
  • Level 3: has at least 13 positions pertaining to video including sales and engineer positions.
  • Limelight Networks: has 15 open positions including those for account executives, engineers, webmasters, developers and analytic specialists.
  • Netflix: has an open position for a embedded software engineer on the media side to work on CE devices.
  • Sorenson Media: has 3 open positions for a web master, software engineer and senior sales executive.
  • Twistage: has 4 open positions for a Ruby on Rails Developer, web developer and Flash engineer.
  • Ustream: has 12 open positions for technical support engineers, product management, networks operations and customer support.

If your online video related company has any job openings, let me
know. In most cases I will highlight them here on the blog – free of