Google To Announce List Of Vendors Who Will Support VP8 On May 19th

On May 19th, Google plans to announce a list of vendors in the online video ecosystem that will support VP8 on day one of Google's plan to move to an open-source video codec. Once the On2 deal was finalized, Google has been hard at work meeting with many different vendors in the online video ecosystem including video platform providers, encoding companies, hardware vendors and others to convince them to support VP8 in their product lines. So far, they have been successful in their efforts and have quite a few vendors who have agreed to support VP8 have been busy over the past few months building that support into their platforms.

In addition, I've also learned that some major content owners also plan to support VP8 soon after it becomes open-sourced and that while Google is not working directly with them, they are using the vendors in the video space to help convince them to encode to VP8. Things are going to get pretty interesting if Google continues to get vendors in the video eco-system to support VP8 and gets them to help push it to content owners.