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Selling Off Some Of My Domain Names With Streaming Media and Online Video

Over the years I have acquired almost a hundred domains names related to streaming media and online video topics. I really don't need many of them anymore and need to start getting rid of them. Rather than letting one of the domain auction services grab them when they expire and then charging someone way too much for them, I'd rather sell them to someone for cheap who can use it for their own blog or business purpose. Here's the first batch that I am getting rid of.

  • StreamingMediaVideo.com
  • ContentDeliveryPatents.com
  • P2PVideoBlog.com
  • EnterpriseVideoBlog.com
  • StreamingMediaBooks.com
  • VideoIPBlog.com
  • WebVideoMagazine.com
  • ManageTheWorkflow.com
  • DigitalMediaPatents.com
  • StreamingMediaPatents.com
  • StreamingMediaBlogs.com

If any of them interest you, drop me an email and we can work something out.