Rackspace Cloud Servers Versus Amazon EC2: Performance Analysis Results

Rackspace This morning, Encoding.com put out a press release with Rackspace talking about how Encoding.com is using Rackspace’s cloud service to enable them to scale their transcoding platform. But the really interesting part of the Encoding.com release is that Rackspace Encoding.com commissioned Bitsource to compare Amazon’s EC2 performance versus their own cloud offering and is sharing the results.

While most companies put out statements all the time about company A being better than company B, they usually don’t provide any details. But in this case, Bitsource has published all of their performance findings along with their methodology for anyone to review.

I don’t know much about performance when it comes to cloud computing so I’ll let someone else analyze the results, but kudos to both companies for not simply delivering a bunch of marketing terms and actually showing us, in detail, what they compared and how they did the comparison. You can check out the results here.