Grab Networks In Talks To Sell Off Their Anystream Product Line

Anystream-logo Last month, I began hearing rumors that Grab Networks was close to selling off their Anystream product line to another transcoding and workflow solutions vendor. In a call with an executive from the company last week, they confirmed that Grab Networks is in fact in discussions with numerous companies about selling off the business. Anystream is best known for their line of Agility and Velocity products, which are enterprise class transcoding and media management platforms.

I'm told that Grab Networks originally had no interest in selling off the Anystream product line and was not shopping the company until another vendor approached them to discuss the idea. Once that took place, Grab Networks started investigating all possible acquisition angles to gauge Anystream's value in the market.

While the company said they have no deal in place and are still in discussions with multiple interested parties, I'm hearing that Telestream is the leading candidate to make the acquisition, which would make a lot of sense. Anystream's product line would fit nicely into Telestream's and the company has been making a big push lately to expand into the enterprise vertical. If a deal for Anystream is reached, the company suggested it would probably happen this quarter so it could be timed around the NAB show in April.