Free Evaluation Code: Get Hands-On With Sorenson Squeeze 6 Encoding Software

Sorenson_Media_Logo_WebReady Sorenson Media, a sponsor of this blog, just released version 6 of their popular Squeeze encoding software. Jan Ozer over at just did a write up on some of the new features which you can read about here. Sorenson is providing readers of my blog with a special 30-day evaluation serial number so you can get hands-on with the software and try it out for yourself. Just download the Mac or Windows version and use this serial number: 884TQC-GBVG44-UY9Y67-BFADQ5-MSF58D. UPDATED: Where it asks for a company name, type in Rayburn. The serial number is good for the first 100 activations, so you better be quick if you want to make sure you can use it. Thanks to Sorenson for making the code available to readers.

If the code did not work for you the first time, please enter the name Rayburn where it asks for a company name.