Google Not Buying Akamai. Who Starts These Baseless Rumors?

Baron's says Akamai "shares are trading higher in a down market this morning amid rumors that the company might be a takeover target for Google." Baron's is only reporting what they hear, but seriously, who starts these rumors? Why would Google buy Akamai? They don't need a CDN, they have their own. And even if they needed more capacity or reach, they would not spend billions to acquire it. They could build it for a fraction of that cost.

Not to mention, what would Google do with all of Akamai's customers? And why would Google pay to buy a bunch of servers and infrastructure that is dedicated to deliver content using Microsoft's technology? And for some who say that Google would want Akamai's revenue, they would not deliver content for Microsoft, so how much revenue is that alone they would lose?

I can't think of one single reason that makes sense on why Google would buy Akamai, unless Google wanted to get into the business of delivering content for third party content owners, which would not help their core business in any way.