CDN Abacast Announces Flash Support For P2P Streaming

This morning, Abacast announced the availability of Adobe Flash support for their live peer-assisted (P2P) delivery platform and now supports both live and on-demand peer-assisted Flash video delivery across their network. While P2P has gained almost no traction amongst the major CDNs whom have thought about peer-assisted technology after their networks were already built out, Abacast's network was built on peer-assisted technology from the start and they have had some good success in the market.

While Abacast is not the size or scale of the major CDNs and focuses on targeting small and medium sized businesses, one of the things they have going for them is the fact they are profitable and focused. Before long, I would expect to see Abacast acquired for their peer-assisted technology by an MSO or potentially, larger CDN. From the Abacast customers I speak to, their peer-assisted technology actually works and is not a bunch of smoke and mirrors like some of the other P2P solutions on the market. There are a lot of P2P companies out there claiming to have a robust solution in the market, but most customers who have used them say otherwise.

Speaking of CDNs, some very interesting things are taking place regarding the major CDNs adopting peer-assisted technology on their networks, later this year, to deliver a higher level of video quality. I'll have more on that story shortly.