CDN Pricing From 2005 Shows The Rapid Decline In Bandwidth Costs

While going through some of my old files, I came across a bunch of my pricing data from 2005. This was around the time I started collecting CDN pricing a couple of times a year and the charts below show pricing from the market in 2005 based on per MB sustained, per GB delivered and includes pricing on storage as well.

While no one who follows the space will be shocked to see just how far pricing has dropped over the past five years, it's also funny to look at the buckets of volume that were being priced back then and what was considered to be a large volume customer, compared to today.




But if you think these prices are crazy, just look at what the going rate was in the industry in 1999 for a live webcast. Below is what InterVU's list price was at the time for a webcast at 56Kbps. To put these numbers in perspective, the $95K cost to do a 4 hour webcast to 25,000 simultaneous users today would cost on average about $1,500.