Recap From Streaming Media East and Content Delivery Summit On The Way

Logo It's been a long busy week with the Content Delivery Summit and Streaming Media East shows happening over the past few days. I got to meet a ton of content owners, many from Wall Street and got to spend time with a lot of different vendors in the industry for one on one meetings. We had a record number of 3,733 registered attendees for the East show this year, our highest ever, which is a testament to the growth the online video industry is still experiencing, even with the poor economy. Thanks to everyone who helped make both shows such a success.

I have a lot of posts to work on for next week on things I heard, saw and trends I am seeing take place in the market. There is a ton of content delivery related news and analysis for me to get online as well as my CDN pricing from Q1 which I presented at the show. We'll also have all of the on-demand videos up shortly and most of the presentations are already available for download.

Dozens of articles about the show have already come out and until I get a post up with all the links, Larry Kless has put together a long list of the coverage on his blog here and here. He also has a post with all of the news and releases that came out during the show and archived video of the NY Video meetup that took place with nearly 500 attendees.

I'll be doing a lot of writing over the weekend so look for multiple posts each day next week with my recaps from the shows. I actually have too much to cover and won't get to everything so if there is something you really want me to talk about, drop me a line and let me know.