Follow Me On Twitter: Real-Time Updates About The Online Video Industry

Twitter-logo.jpg While I still think Twitter is one of the biggest wastes of time, starting today, I am going to use Twitter to send out real-time updates about the online video industry. One of the things I realized last week at the Streaming Media East show is that I have a lot of really great conversations with people about topics and trends that never make it onto my blog. Typically there is not enough to write a whole story around or I just don't have enough time to get to it. This is where Twitter comes in.

In addition to providing links to my latest blog posts I will be using Twitter to send out quick news on trends, data, pricing and other relevant topics I hear from others in the industry. I'll also use it to notify people when last minute speaking spots open up at our shows and for when I am looking for quotes for a story I am working on. My Twitter feed is going to be all business and one thing you will not get from me is updates on my favorite sports teams, where I ate dinner or what music I am listening to as quite frankly, I don't think anyone really cares.

Twitter is not going to be a replacement for all the writing I do on my blog, it's simply going to act as a supplement to the blog. So if you'd like hear more about the online video industry in real-time, I look forward to you following me on Twitter.