CDN Summit: Last Minute Speaking Spots Open

I have just a few speaking spots left at the Content Delivery Summit in NYC on Monday May 11th, the day before the Streaming Media East show kicks off. Below are the session details and I am looking for CUSTOMERS (content owners) of content delivery networks to fill these last few spots. If interested, please contact me ASAP as I will be closing all of these out by Friday. Vendors are welcome to suggest any of their customers as well.

  • CDN Technology Impacts: HTTP, HD, Multi-Bitrate, and Live Broadcasting
    With all the new and existing CDN technology in the market, which new features and functionality should you take advantage of? What's the value of multi-bitrate delivery, and what impact can it have on your content business? Will new services like HTTP-based Smooth Streaming reduce your bandwidth costs and enable live events to scale to larger audiences? What exactly constitutes HD video, and what's the total cost of ownership for deployment? These and other questions will be answered as we break down when these technologies should be used and what real impact they can have on your online video business.
  • Monetization And Video Advertising: Waiting for the Tipping Point
    For all the buzz about online video advertising, most content owners have yet to be able to turn their online video from cost center to profit center. Still, strong signals suggest that video monetization is around the corner, provided content owners don't pull back in today's tight economy. When will we reach that tipping point, and what direct cost and revenue impact will it have on the CDNs?
  • The Future of CDNs
    This wrap-up session will be an open discussion highlighting some of the growing trends in the CDN market and examining how the business of content delivery will change over the coming years. Does cloud computing have any real impact? Will all video delivery eventually become commoditized? Will enough applications be built in the ecosystem to support rapid monetization? Come debate where the market is going, where the real opportunities are and what the disruptors will be, good and bad, for the CDN industry moving forward.

A reminder that readers of my blog can register for the CDN Summit for only $395 at this special link, which is $200 off the regular ticket price.