European Carrier TeliaSonera To Enter The CDN Space Next Month

With all the carriers and telcos entering the CDN space of late, it's no surprise that European carrier TeliaSonera plans to enter the CDN market and will probably make the announcement at the MIPTV show in Cannes next month.

TeliaSonera is the number one carrier of IP traffic in Europe and their website says they provide direct connections to their network for more than 80% of all European broadband service providers. They basically own the vast majority of eyeballs in Europe. Currently, many of the CDNs who have delivery services in Europe buy from TeliaSonera and it appears as if they now want to cut out the CDNs and take that business on themselves.

I'm also hearing that they plan to offer a video content management service across their network and plan to make an acquisition in the market to add this functionality to their offering, although I don't know who they plan to acquire or how close a deal may be.

TeliaSonera will need to do a lot more than just be able to deliver bits if they want to truly enter the CDN market and if they do plan to add some applications to the network to help manage video assets, it's a similar approach that Level 3 is taking in the States. The CDN market is going to look very different 24 months from now and while it will take many years for the shift to take place, we're already starting to see a lot of the carriers and telcos lay the ground work for what it to come.