Roku Announces New Content Partner, Amazon Video On Demand Store

Amazon just announced that in "early 2009" they will enable more than 40,000 commercial-free movies and television shows to be viewed with the Roku player. This marks the first new content partner for the Roku device which to date, was only capable of playing content from Netflix.

While the release states that all content will be encoded with H.264 and streamed up to 1.2Mbps, it sounds like HD quality content from Amazon won't yet be offered on the Roku, even though the Roku box is capable of getting HD quality streams.

While it's good to see Roku start to add more content partners, I think they need to add a lot of video content that you can't already get on your TiVo, Xbox 360 or PS3. While most seem to be focusing on the mainstream content offered by Netflix and Amazon, I think that much of the content outside of the mainstream movies is really what would make the Roku box even more interesting. Especially since that for only $100 more than a Roku, you can now get an Xbox 360 and do more than just stream movies.