Enterprise Video Market and Vendors Growing Nicely: VBrick Raises $11.9 Million

With all the talk of video in the broadcast and entertainment verticals, it seems that enterprise based video offerings are rarely written about anymore. I can't remember the last time I read a really in-depth article on video inside the enterprise. This is a shame as there are a lot of major video deployments and continued video adoption taking place within the enterprise market, inside the firewall.

As opposed to content delivery networks, who for the most part are focusing on just delivering bits, vendors offering products and services for enterprise video are tackling more complex issues like video content management, self-provisioned webcasting and other pieces of the entire video ecosystem.

One of these vendors, VBrick, announced this morning a new round of funding totaling $11.9M from existing investors, with room for a strategic investor in the future. VBrick has seen nice growth over the past few years and has shipped more than 40,000 products to more than 5,000 customers. While VentureBeat.com is reporting that VBrick "brought in $30 million in revenue last year", that number is a few years old and is low by more than 30%. While VentureBeat.com also says that Vbrick has "been helped along the way by a partnership with Akamai Technologies", Vbrick's "Broadcast" product uses multiple CDNs and they have had partnerships with Akamai, Limelight, PowerStream and others for many years now.

VBrick says the additional money raised will go towards continuing their growth and possible acquisitions as VBrick's target customer has quickly evolved from mid-sized companies and universities to major Fortune 500 corporations.