Layoffs Not Affecting All Vendors: CDNs Have Over 200 Open Positions

While some vendors related to the online video industry have started reducing their headcount and laying off part of their staff, vendors in the content delivery industry are still hiring like mad. A quick look at their website’s shows more than 200 open positions amongst the bunch. These openings are no surprise considering how much money the vast majority of the delivery networks have raised and the rate at which they are trying to expand. So if you are looking for a new job in the CDN space, hit up the links below. Not on the list? Send me the link to your open jobs and I’ll add them.

Akamai, 58 openings:

Limelight Networks, 14 openings:

CDNetworks, 1 opening:

BitGravity, 25 openings:

Highwinds, 5 openings:, 2 openings:

Mirror Image, 2 openings:

Level 3, has lots of openings and at least 12 related to video:

EdgeCast, 4 openings:

Streaming Media Hosting, 3 openings:

EdgeStream, 1 opening:

Move Networks, 12 openings:

Digital Fountain, 7 openings:

Internap, 15 openings:

Panther Express, 4 openings:

Pando Networks, 1 opening:

Velocix, 5 openings:, 5 openings:

AT&T, tons of openings and at least 12 related to video:

Vusion, 4 openings:

BitTorrent, 1 opening:

Amazon, at least 4 jobs related to AWS:

Grid Networks, 1 opening: