Why Aren’t Conferences Including Online Video Topics?

I don’t get to as many conferences as I use to, but I still get to at least half a dozen or so outside of my own. The more conferences I go to and the more agendas I look at, I can’t figure out why so many of these conferences are not including online video topics in their programming?

For example, the INTERACT 08 show taking place in DC later in the year says it will gather together the top creative, strategic, and tactical
marketing minds to speak about proven methods for Interactive Media. They have topics on social media design, evolution of advertising models, bunch of Web 2.0 subjects and some topics that sound pretty interesting that meld the topics of design, creativity and advertising together. The problem is, aside from one session entitled "Creating Rich Internet Applications" which probably will contain a lot about video, none of the more than 25 sessions on the agenda speak to video at all. In fact the word video is not even used in any of the session titles or session descriptions across the agenda, on both days. Now maybe they just don’t want to include video, but personally, it sounds like a pretty good conference to me, and some interesting topics. But it will be very hard to discuss them and showcase "interactive media" without a strong video component.

And what about the Web 2.0 Expo that starts today? They have over 112 sessions across three days and other than two sessions, one by Adobe on RIAs and one about the video ecosystem, there are no other sessions focusing on any aspect of online video. And at this year’s NAB show, while it was all about video, almost none of the sessions were about online video. Topics about broadcast video, mobile video, video editing and IPTV ruled the agenda with a few topics around TV content online.

Am I the only one seeing this trend? Are you visiting non-video/entertainment specific shows and seeing any of them include online video topics in their agenda?