Possible New CDN Conference Launching: Need Feedback

I’ve expressed interest in the past about launching a new conference focusing on the content delivery market as it pertains to video. The conference would talk to all of the workflow pieces in the CDN ecosystem and the focus of the show would be on producing really strong conference sessions, with a limited exhibition component. I would be planning a conference agenda that would be of interest to those on Wall Street, those who buy CDN services and those vendors that are in the CDN market today.

After doing some initial planning, it looks like we may launch this new show, in NYC, in 4-5 months time. Initial estimates are that it would be a two-day show and include two tracks over both days and have about 20 sessions along with keynotes and some breakout presentations.

While we are still working on the details, the reason I am posting some details now is that I need feedback. I want to hear from everyone, vendors included about what you would want to see at the show, how you want to be involved, if you want to speak, what topics you think need to be covered and more importantly – what you think the format should be. I am gladly taking any and all feedback.

In the next few weeks, I should have an update on where this potential new show stands. We already have space reserved in one of the local hotels in NYC (not the Hilton) and will be looking to keep the event to a smaller, summit like experience with a lot of good networking.

If you want to sponsor, speak, attend or be involved in anyway, please let me know. I appreciate all feedback.