Last Minute Speaking Spots Open: Streaming Media West

The Streaming Media West show is only six weeks away and the program is just about complete. All final speakers are going on the website this week and due to a few last minute changes or cancellations, I have just three spots left. Below are the sessions and details. No other speaking spots remain. I appreciate the interest many of you have but this is all I have left and even the waiting list is longer than I could ever use. See the details below and send me an e-mail ASAP if you are interested. Many of these spots will close in the next 24 hours.

Speaking Details: I have one spot on each of the below round-table panels. I am not accepting any vendors at
this time, only content owners and customers. However, vendors are welcome to submit their customers for these spots.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Online HD Video: What’s Taking So Long?
High-definition online video content online has long been promised, yet the outlets for this vibrant media are few and far between. What is holding up adoption? What is stopping HD from reaching our desktops? We’ll explore this discussion from all fronts—technology, entertainment, and aggregation—to get a feel for what the holdups are and when we can expect to see more HD in the cloud.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Tools And Best Practices For The Enterprise Streaming Media Department
This session will bring together four frontline streaming media professionals to discuss their favorite toolsets and techniques for producing enterprise communications and training content. The emphasis will be on in-house production with "off-the-shelf" tools and apps, rather than turnkey or outsourced solutions. What works and what should be avoided? What is the best way to maximize your budget? How can you leverage existing infrastructure already inside your organization? This and more will be covered in this enterprise-focused session.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Evaluating and Choosing The Right Methods Of Video Delivery
With all the various means of distribution and protocols available for video today-CDN, P2P, streaming, progressive download-there is still no single solution that will meet all customers’ needs perfectly across all platforms and devices. Learn the various methodologies for content distribution, as well as the pros and cons of each type. Speakers will also discuss which methodologies apply best to which platforms and geographic locations based on type of content, length and format of video, and target audiences. Panelists will also provide you with guidelines and formulas for determining the best single and/or hybrid solution for your online video distribution needs.