Wanted: Workshop Presenters For Streaming Media Europe

A day before the Streaming Media Europe show kicks off on October 16th, four workshop sessions are offered to give attendees some hands-on training with different technologies and products in the industry. We are currently looking for two workshop instructors for the subjects of ‘Comparing Video Formats and Encoding Tools" and "Webcasting Essentials".

These 3-hour sessions require instructors to lead the attendees through real-world examples of the technology in action and provide them with the tips, tricks and education they need to master the subjects listed below. We’re looking to pay two instructors who have experience with the topics, are based in Europe and have prior experience teaching a small group of industry professionals. Instructors who work in the industry, from a vendor organization are welcomed to submit proposals for review.

If you are interested, please contact Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, conference chairman for the Europe show and provide him with details of your expertise on the subject, all of your contact details, and a brief outline of the topics you would cover in the 3-hour session on the subjects below. Do NOT just send him an e-mail saying, "I’ll do it". Act as if you are applying for a job and are giving your qualifications. Any questions or further details, please contact Eric directly.

Workshop 1: Comparing Video Formats and Encoding Tools
This updated workshop is a crash course to help you evaluate and select the right delivery format for your content. Independent streaming media consultant Dale Sorenson will deliver direct comparisons of the latest streaming media formats and codecs, including Flash, QuickTime/MPEG-4, RealMedia, and Windows Media, and objectively evaluate and quantify the pros and cons of each format. A comparison of encoding applications will also be discussed to help you choose the tools to get the best-quality results for your content.

Workshop 2: Webcasting Essentials
Work through the five phases of a webcast—planning, production, encoding, authoring, and distribution. To add to your real experience, the workshop itself is treated as a webcast, with the goal to webcast live from the workshop. This workshop covers production techniques and encoding hardware and software including the Windows Media Encoder and RealProducer. Workshop attendees are encouraged to participate in the webcast production to get the full "live" rush.