Speakers Wanted For Panel: Online Video vs. ISPs: How Much is too Much?

Liz Gannes, Editor of NewTeeVee.com is moderating a panel at the Streaming Media West show on Tuesday, September 23rd entitled "Online Video vs. ISPs: How Much is too Much?" What’s good for online video content publishers isn’t always good for ISPs, and more and more ISPs are considering throttling bandwidth or charging for fees as video streams and downloads increase exponentially. Can consumer desire for video and service provider limitations co-exist? Are content owners and the industry at risk of not being able to develop new business models from online video?

We’re looking for a few great panelists who can speak in detail on this topic and are from companies that have a vested interest on the content side or the ISP side. While I am accepting all submissions, we are looking for speakers from companies that are really tied into this subject and can speak from experience. We’ll be picking speakers in the next few days so if interested, e-mail me right away.

Make sure to send me the speakers name, title, company, bio and a very clear description of how this topic is relevant to the speaker and their company. If you know of someone who you think would be great for this panel, happy to have an introduction. If we choose them, I’ll give you a free all access conference pass to the show.

Note: I am wrapping up the final program for Streaming Media West and will be posting a few open speaking spots on the blog over the next few days.