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Job Titles Of Decision Makers For Online Video Products and Services

A lot of vendors ask me who they should be targeting when they are calling into companies looking for the decision maker or buyer of online video products and services. While many companies all have different folks who sign the contact, many people inside the organization tend to be involved in the decision making process, especially when you are selling into the enterprise or education markets.

Based on many of the job titles I see each day, here are the 50 most common titles I come across. While there are many more than these, it’s a good start for someone new to the market or looking to spend marketing dollars specific to job titles.

  • Senior Vice President, Digital Media Technology
  • Director, Educational Technology & Distance Learning
  • Senior Director Online Digital Properties
  • Multi-Media Support Specialist
  • Strategic Media Development
  • Webcast Operations
  • Multimedia Technologies Manager
  • Academic Media Producer
  • Streaming Project Development and Content Manager
  • Digital A/V Production and Support Specialist
  • Senior Manager, Digital Video Publishing
  • Director Media Laboratory
  • Director Advanced Media
  • Rich Media Engineer
  • Manager Digital Content Delivery
  • New Media Product Manager
  • Digital Media Solutions Manager
  • Media Production Specialist
  • Sr. Manager, Online Event Marketing
  • Streaming Media Evangelist
  • Lead Multimedia Engineer
  • Streaming Media / Webmaster
  • Distance Learning Specialist
  • Live Events Producer
  • Media Specialist Manager
  • Director Of Technical Operations
  • President of Digital Media Solutions
  • Director Office of Information Technology
  • Director of Digital Media Business Development
  • Advertising Sales Digital Media
  • VP of New Media
  • VP of Creative Media Services
  • Streaming Media Manager
  • Director of Interactive Entertainment
  • Director of New Media
  • Digital Media and Entertainment Specialist
  • VP Product and Technology
  • Broadband Producer
  • VP of CDN Services
  • Technical Webcast Advisor
  • VP of Media
  • CTO and Executive Vice President
  • VP of Technical Operations
  • Managing Video Director
  • Digital Program Manager
  • Media Systems Engineer
  • Senior Producer