Investors: I Don’t Work For Any Content Delivery Network (CDN)

With all the craziness that is going on in the CDN space now and as competitive as it has gotten, I see a lot of financial sites, blogs and others using a lot of the content from my blog. There are some in the investment community in particular, who try to twist my words around to make my what I say best reflect the company they are invested in. Or they try the tactic of telling others that I work for the CDN I am writing about or own stock in the company, so I must have a vested interest in what I am saying.

So let me say on the record, again, as I have done on the blog in the past that I don’t work for any CDN company, am not getting paid by any CDN company and don’t hold stock in any CDN company. I don’t get compensated based on the share price of any CDN’s stock and I have never bought, sold or traded any stocks, in any public company, ever. (Yes, I know that is hard for some people to believe, but I have never played the market.) So if someone tells you otherwise, it is because they have a vested interest in a certain company and are invested in them. Ask them to state on the record where their interests lie.

While I refer customers to CDN companies based on customers who call into for free, myself and don’t have any referral deal with any CDN company. passes on leads to many different vendors, in many segments of the market free of charge. That’s our job. We don’t get paid to do that and we don’t get a commission.

Over a dozen CDN vendors have been or are current sponsors of the blog since it started, but those are sold by our sales rep. It’s very clear who is a sponsor of my blog at any time. And the fact that so many CDNs are sponsors of the blog, which I thank them for, shows that they feel I am trying to cover the CDN market fairly.

So if any Wall Street folks, or anyone else for that matter, have any questions about who I work for or read something on another site that supposedly came from me, you can call me at anytime to verify. The whole reason I have my cell phone number listed on my blog is so people can reach me at all times. I answer and return every call, every day. It can’t get any simpler than that.