Pure Digital Announces It’s New Flip Video Mino Camcorder

Today, Pure Digital Technologies announced a newer, smaller version of the widely popular Flip Video camera. Called the Flip Video Mino, the unit comes in at 40% smaller than the original Flip and has rechargeable batteries. Retailing for $179.99, the new unit weighs just over three ounces and is being targeted primarily towards teenagers.

Unfortunately, the new Mino only has 2GB of on-board flash memory and captures up to 60
minutes of TV-quality video, which are the same specs as the original Flip. The Mino has new
touch-sensitive buttons to record, fast forward, rewind, pause and
delete and the new internal, rechargeable lithium ion battery recharges whenever the camcorder’s USB arm is connected to a computer
and provides more than four hours of recording time on a single charge.

I’ll have a review unit in a couple of days and will do a follow up post with some videos.