CDN Survey Pricing Report Now Available For Sale

Last quarter, conducted a survey on the costs of CDN services specific to streaming and video delivery. This report is now available for purchase for only $795 and includes all the raw data and summary charts with answers on
pricing trends, traffic growth, contract terms, formats used, bitrate
growth, P2P interest and the most important factors when choosing a
CDN. All the raw data on over 25 questions is included along with pie
charts on each question. (All end-user customer names and company
info has been removed)

I have already released some of the highlights of the report for free here on the blog and you can see some of them below.

Rather than only providing the pie charts like most research houses do, I wanted to make sure we provided all of the raw data as well so that you can parse the numbers based on exactly what you want to know. You can break the numbers down based on a specific industry vertical, size of customer or pricing metric used and we’ve kept the report affordable to be able to get it into the hands of as many folks as possible. Anyone who purchases the report will also have access to me to ask any follow up questions or talk through any of the data with me.