Online Video: Should Content Creators Get a Cut?

At the Streaming Media East show on Wednesday May 21st, Eric Rosser Eldon from will be leading a session entitled "Online Video: Should Content Creators Get a Cut?". Last year, writers in Hollywood went on strike against movie studios and television broadcasters, in part because they demanded a share of revenue generated by the digital media they helped to create.

Meanwhile, the largest video site in the country, YouTube, barely pays its content producers anything. Some venture capitalists sense an opportunity, and are moving south from Silicon Valley to create new entertainment companies that in many instances put the writers—and directors and actors—in control. Learn what the role of content producers is in digital media, and how working with them can help your business.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Moderator: Eric Rosser Eldon, Writer,
  • Gordon Castle, Sr. Technology Fellow, Turner Broadcasting Systems
  • Justin Day, Co-Founder, CTO,
  • Bobby Tulsiani, Analyst, Media and Internet Video, Jupiter Research
  • Kelly Rodriques, CEO, Blowtorch Entertainment

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