Announcing My New Analyst Position With Frost & Sullivan

I’m happy to announce that in addition to my current role at, I have joined Frost & Sullivan as a principal analyst for their digital media practice. Joining Frost is a nice fit for me as they are working on a lot of custom research for clients and also will be putting out many research reports this year that have to do with many different segments of the entire ecosystem for online video. Frost already has a large team of digital media analysts and my goal is to strengthen their coverage and expertise specifically in the online video market.

My new role will also give me more exposure and insight into the video market as it pertains to cable head-ends, hardware manufactures and traditional broadcast products and services which I have not previously covered in detail. In addition, Frost and will be teaming up to generate more research data for the industry and we are already working on our first report on the CDN market. has the ability to collect a lot of market data but we don’t have the resources to compile and analyze all the data, which is where Frost comes in.

Apart from the reports below that Frost is scheduled to deliver this year, they will also be publishing Market Insights on CDN issues and Web 2.0 related topics.

  • World Video Server Market
  • World Video Encoding Market
  • World Streaming Platforms Market
  • World Content Delivery Network Market
  • World Nonlinear Editing Systems Market
  • World Dynamic Publishing Market Insight
  • World Animation Software Market
  • World Enterprise Content Management Market
  • World Dynamic Publishing Market
  • World Digital Asset Management Market
  • World Digital Rights Management Market
  • World Digital Media Storage Market
  • World Marketing Process Optimization Market
  • World Broadcast Switcher Market
  • World Broadcast Server Market
  • World Cable Sever Market
  • World IPTV Server Market
  • World Presentation Assembly and Management Solutions Market

As anyone who has been reading my blog for a while knows, I think we need a lot more data on many, many segments of the online video market. For an industry that is now over ten years old, there are still too many questions pertaining to market sizes, opportunities and revenue across so many different products and services in the ecosystem. My goal is to help Frost to be the leader in generating reliable data and metrics that our industry can rely on to help this industry grow.