Visiting Akamai’s HQ Tomorrow: What Questions Would You Ask Them?

Tomorrow, I will be spending the day at Akamai’s HQ in Cambridge where they are nicely giving me access to sit down with management and others in the company to answers my questions, talk about their product road map, discuss the media and entertainment vertical and in particular, talk about their CDN business. Some of what we discuss I will blog about at a later time, other things I’m sure will be off the record.

I already have a list of questions lined up pertaining to their CDN business and am looking forward to getting some details on where their CDN business in particular is headed. I get a lot of questions about Akamai from customers, analysts and those on Wall Street and Akamai is open to me collecting questions for potential discussion. If you were visiting Akamai, what questions would you ask them? Put your questions in the comments section and I will ask and report back on as many of them as they are willing to answer.

Note: I have never bought, sold or traded any stock in Akamai or any other public content delivery network ever.