Microsoft Licenses Adobe Flash Lite For Mobile Windows Devices

This morning, Adobe announced that Microsoft had licensed Adobe’s Flash Lite software so that Flash based content will be able to be viewed within Internet Explorer on future versions of Microsoft Windows mobile phones. While Flash Lite itself does not play back video, rather the device plays the video and Flash Lite acts as the container, this is still a step forward in the right direction. With Adobe saying that half a billion mobile devices shipped with Flash Lite and Microsoft willing to license Flash Lite from Adobe to make the content experience better, the bottom line is that the consumer is the winner in this deal.

Now if only Apple and Adobe would come to some kind of arrangement and made Flash video work on the iPhone consumers would really win. My hope, Microsoft and Apple come to a deal to allow Silverlight to work on the iPhone. But after Steve Ballmer’s comments earlier in the month from the MIX 08 conference, it does not appear this will be happening anytime soon.