“Streaming Content to Generate $70 Billion By 2013” – An Unrealistic Claim

Insight Research is forcasting that streaming content will generate almost $70 billion in the U.S. by 2013. I don’t know how they come up with that number as I have not seen the full report, but $70 billion? They say the revenue prediction comes from audio and video files transmitted over the Internet, via an IPTV network or to mobile phones. They say that advertising revenue will fuel this growth and that "Questions surrounding consumers’ willingness to pay for content have been dispelled by the popularity of satellite radio and iTunes." I would disagree. Customers are willing to pay for music via iTunes, but so far, not videos on a mass-market scale. Over time, yes, more video specific content via iTunes will be purchased but you have to  back up the $70 billion number with more than just iTunes as an example. And what does satellite radio have to do with streaming?

They also say that if pre-stream costs drop faster than expected, or IPTV or 3G takes off faster than expected "it could blow the doors off of our forecasts, propelling this industry into explosive growth." I am all up for reports that show growth and make predication based on accurate data, but $70 billion is just so far away from reality. If someone has a copy of the full report, I’d love to see how the $70 billion number is calculated.