Entriq Acquires Dayport, Rumored To Be Around $45 Million

Entriq, a provider of digital rights management based solutions announced today that it has acquired video workflow company DayPort. While terms of the deal were not disclosed, various sources say Entriq valued DayPort at around $45 million, which seems about right.

This is one of those deals where the synergy between the two companies seems dead on. Entriq provides content owners with the ability to add digital rights management and commerce solutions for video and DayPort provides much of the content workflow including transcoding, publishing and syndication. By combining both company’s platforms, Entriq says they will enable customers to "publish, approve, control, syndicate, monetize and analyze their digital media business reaching mobile, broadband, streaming, podcasting and IPTV environments."

More deals like this should be coming in the industry. Right now, there are a lot of small players in the space, in many product verticals, who would benefit from combing products and services and operations to better compete in the market.