CDN Survey Data: Price and Customer Service Ranked Most Important

The survey on CDN pricing is nearing its end and to date we’ve had 1,041 respondents. We’re starting to compile all the raw data for the final report and will be giving away the iPhone this week.

When it comes to the factors that are most important to customers when selecting a CDN vendor, price and customer service came in number one and two. We asked respondents to rank multiple factors on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being most important.

  • Price: was given a number five by 55%
  • Customer Service: was given a number five by 52.7%
  • Geographic Reach of Network: was given a number five by 44.7%
  • Flexibility of Contract Terms: was given a number five by 33.4%
  • Number of Formats Supported: was given a number five by 28.7%
  • Technology and Product Road Map: was given a number five by 28.1%
  • Value Added Services: was given a number five by 20.2%

While CDN customers are not buying on price alone, it comes as no surprise that pricing and customer service, followed closely by geographic reach of the network are the most important factors overall.

Exactly 50% of the respondents came from the media, entertainment and broadcast verticals. Enterprise and education made up another 30% and pharma and government made up the remaining 20%.