MSNBC Debate Webcast Constantly Buffering, Poor Audio

I’ve been trying to watch the Clinton and Obama debate live on and for the 10 minutes since it started, I can’t get more than 2-3 seconds of clear video without the screen freezing and delivering me a "buffering" message in the video window. The audio is very distorted as well with high-pitch feedback type noises. What a terrible experience. Anyone able to watch the stream without any problems?

Update: Within a few minutes of me making this post ten others have already left comments below experiencing the same problems. Not good, especially for those of us who have FiOS TV, which does not carry MSNBC.

Update 2: One of the folks who commented below gave a new link from another website where the video works. Now that’s the power of the web.

Update 3: I put in calls to Limelight and Akamai’s support numbers and both folks I spoke to in the network operations centers didn’t think their company was delivering the stream. I won’t know for sure until Wednesday where/who the problem is with.

Update 4: Limelight Networks has officially confirmed that they are not delivering the webcast.

Update 5: Akamai has officially stated to me that they were not involved in the webcast. I have a request into MSNBC, should hear back shortly.