List Of Online Video Conferences, Tradeshows and Events

In the past year or two, many new summits, conferences and events have sprung up to talk about online video or some specific facet of online video like video advertising, video search etc… and I am asked all the time by people for a list of shows.

With that in mind, here is a list of many events that have an online video focus to them of some kind. I did not list events like NAB, CES, IBC etc… as those shows are not focused on online video specifically and I didn’t list shows that only talk to terrestrial video with no online component. Also, I did not list any event that has a website that has no info on it or an event that is over a year old and I only listed events in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Many of the links go to 2007 show websites as some have not yet announced 2008 dates.

This list is far from finished. Please add events you think are missing in the comments section and I will continue to keep the list updated.

If I forgot your event, it wasn’t personal, just too many to keep track of, hence the need for a list. Please add it to the comments section.