Limelight Will Appeal Ruling: Could Be Acquired Shortly

I expect Limelight Networks will appeal today’s ruling and by so doing, will get a stay on the injunction ruling until the appeal can at least be heard. So for the mean time, it will be business as usual for Limelight and they won’t be forced to shut down.

That being said, discussions are underway about Limelight being acquired by a larger player in the space who would then fight Akamai in court over the ruling. Limelight does not have a lot of resources to fight such a ruling nor an extensive patent portfolio so they are limited in what they can do.

While rumors have been circulating about Limelight being acquired by Microsoft, I am predicting it would be AT&T or Level 3. Talks are intensifying about the acquisition and I put the chance at over 50%.

Updated: Limelight has just announced they will appeal the ruling.