CDN Survey Data: 52% Have No Commit Contracts, 63% Use One CDN Vendor

The survey on CDN pricing and trends has now been filled out almost 1,000 times. I’ll be keeping it open for another week or so and then we’ll start to compile all the data and give away the free iPhone. Taking a look at some of the preliminary data that has been collected reveals some great data points which I will be showcasing all this week on the blog.

When it comes to the length of CDN contracts, customer commit levels and dual-vendor strategy, there has a been a lot of speculation in the market on what the trends are. Here is the data we collected from nearly 1,000 respondents, 25%+ of which are doing over 25TB of delivery per month.

  • 60.8% of respondents said they had a 12 month contract with their CDN. Only 12.9% had a two year deal.
  • 73.5% said that when they renegotiate their contract, they don’t plan
    to change the length. Only 12.4% said they planed to sign a longer term
  • 52.3% of respondents said their CDN contract had no revenue or
    bandwidth commitment at all. 25.3% have a monthly commit, 6.7% a
    quarterly commit and 11.4% have a yearly commit.
  • 63.3% of respondents said they used only one CDN vendor for the
    delivery of video and static content. 26.% use two CDNs and 10.3% use
    three or more.

You can download the pie chart data for the questions here:(Download CDN-Contract-Data.jpg)