Updated List Of CDN Providers For Video Delivery

Back in September, I posted a list of CDN providers for video delivery and since that post, more providers continue to enter the market. Today, I am tracking over 30 providers for online video delivery (which can now easily be found at www.cdnlist.com) be it via streaming, progressive download, P2P or hybrid solutions.

The last time I made a list like this I got all sorts of angry comments
from many of the companies on the list about me unfairly comparing
their company to another company. No where in this post am I comparing
any company, product, revenue, size, geographic reach, formats
supported etc…. This is simply a list of the providers I am tracking
in the market who offer video delivery services.

Every provider has
different strengths and weakness all based on many different needs of a
specific customer. And before I get a million questions about why
Amazon is not on this list, Amazon’s S3 offering does not count as a CDN in my eyes. Also, this list is based on my interpretation of what a "CDN" is. Many people have different takes and opinions on what makes a CDN and these days, the term "CDN" is very broad.

Maybe you think differently than I do on what classifies a CDN and would have a different list than I do. But based on what I think a CDN for video is, in alphabetical order these are the delivery networks I track in the industry