Looking To Hire Co-Chair For Streaming Media East and West Conferences

Over the past few years, the Streaming Media East and West shows have been growing nicely for us on all fronts and in particular the conference side of the business. We now produce three major shows each year in NY, CA and London. Combined, these shows average over 300 speakers and 75+ sessions that I have to develop programming for.

I am looking to hire someone who is interested in helping me plan and shape the conference agenda for the NY and CA shows and be a co-chair of the show. This is a highly visibility position which will put you in front of a lot of industry people, get you major exposure and give you first-hand experience in what it takes to produce a major conference. You will also have an opportunity to help educate and shape the industry based on the agenda you help develop.

The work involves helping to plan and write session topics, organize and outline the major subjects that need to be covered, invite and confirm speakers, work with moderators and helping with online marketing and promotion. It’s the type of job ideal for someone who wants more exposure in the industry, has industry contacts, knows what the hot topics are and is not afraid of speaking in front of an audience. I am looking for someone who loves this industry as much as I do and takes pride in wanting to help educate and grow the industry for everyone’s benefit.

This is a part-time opportunity and can be done remotely. The majority of the work is done within a month’s time frame and then there is a lot of follow up work for a few months until the show. It’s mostly lots of e-mails and some phone calls.

If you are interested, please reach out to me and let me know in detail what your expertise is. Please keep in mind, this is the type of job that you have to love to do in order to program a really great conference. You don’t need to eat, sleep and breathe online video as much as I do, but you really have to be into it or else it shows in the program.

I am constantly asked by people how I got my name out there, how I branded myself and what it took to get involved in so many facets of the online video industry. This is a great opportunity for the right person to start to brand themselves if you are organized, write well, have the pulse of the industry and are good at doing smart marketing and promotion. If that is you, please contact me.