Blog Traffic Growing Nicely: Thanks To Readers And Sponsors

It’s been 8 months now since I started this blog and in that time the number of page views, readers and RSS subscribers continues to climb nicely.


This is largely due in part to the loyal readers and subscribers of
the blog and all the sponsors who enable me to be able to sit down and
write something nearly everyday. Thanks to Limelight Networks, Tremor
, Ignite Technologies and PEER 1 who have been long time sponsors
and also thanks to Ortiva Wireless, Akamai and EdgeCast who are recent
additions to the blog.

While many blogs and sites charge a lot to get exposure on
their site, my goal has always been to keep the sponsorships affordable
on the blog and give as many companies as possible the ability to get
exposure from a few hundred thousand page views a month. And while sponsorships are not sold on a CPM model, comparing it to
a per CPM model it can be as affordable as a $3 CPM for those who
sponsor for an extended time.

If you are interested in sponsorships details please contact Joel
or myself and I will be happy to get you connected with Joel.
Over the next few weeks I will also be adding new ad positions on the
blog and will be adding additional ways to make it easier to find

Thanks again for everyone’s support and as always, if you have ideas
for the blog, if there are topics you want me to write more about, I am
always open to feedback, good or bad.