Tons Of Job Openings With The Online Video Infrastructure Companies

While I welcomed any vendor to send me open jobs they had for me to list on the blog, I’m getting more than I can possibly feature. Between all of the vendors who offer content delivery services, content management, enterprise webcasting solutions or software and hardware for video platforms, there is a huge void in the market of qualified people.

The biggest open positions are product managers and sales support engineers as well as experienced account managers who know the space and come with a Rolodex. Due to how many spots are open, and how many companies are trying to fill them, there is a lot of money being offered. I have not seen salaries and offers at this level in our space since the 2000 era. Vendors are still raising huge amounts of money and rapidly growing their head counts.

If you are looking for a new position, send me your resume so I can pass it along to all these companies. I’ll pass it on to as many companies as I know who have open positions. While many websites list open jobs in the market, most of them are only focused on content jobs and traditional broadcast TV spots. I see very few focusing on the online video market for vendors. I may set something up in the next few days.