Open Call To CDNs: CDN Pricing Presentation, Costs for Outsourced Video Delivery

At Streaming Media West next month, I will be presenting a session entitled "CDN Pricing: Costs for Outsourced Video Delivery". It’s a session I have done for the past 3 shows and usually gets a large crowd. I also do a lot of Q&A with the attendees and last show, they had some great feedback for the CDNs on what they wanted, which I covered in a post entitled "Customers Tell Content Delivery Networks What They Want At Streaming Media East Session"

The pricing I will be presenting will primarily be all the data I have collected from contracts, RFPs and customers directly as well as from some CDN and P2P vendors who have sent me their entire pricing worksheets. I will be presenting the data based on the high, low and average price amongst all of the vendors combined, splitting out CDN from P2P.

That being said, this is an open opportunity for any CDN or P2P vendor to provide me with any pricing data they wish. While I plan to combine all the data and publish "averages", if any vendor wants me to specifically publish their pricing stand alone, outside of the combined industry average, I will do this. I see that some vendors are already publishing pricing in the open market so if you want the exposure, and want to give out the data, with ranges based on commit levels, I’ll do it for you. Otherwise, all of the numbers I present will be like I have done it in the past, which you can now easily find at

I am posting info about this session on my blog so that every CDN and P2P provider has the ability to have their data included if they want it. While I have already collected lots of pricing data and continue to do so from the major players, I don’t have as much from some of the new players who don’t have as many RFPs out in the market. This is your chance if you want to be included. I’m giving all vendors a level playing field to be included, if they want, so afterwards no one can say they were kept out of it.

PLEASE NOTE: I am making an exception for this session and will allow anyone
who works for any CDN or P2P provider to attend the session for free.
This one session will not require a conference pass. It will require
you to register for a free exhibit pass, so if you are interested,
contact me and I will give you a code.