Light Reading Quotes Level 3 Wrong On CDN Pricing Discount

UPDATE: On Friday, Barron’s spoke with Level 3 and updated it’s article. also updated their article and removed the quote in question. Good to see both sites do that to make sure the information is accurate.

I am amazed at how quickly some investors and analysts jump to conclusions based on any report on any website without checking facts. I like, but they quoted Level 3 wrong. Lisa Guillaume, VP of CDN Product Development for Level 3, did not say "the company will be offering CDN services at 20 to 30 percent less than its competition". She said to me that CDN services had typically been offered at a 20-30% premium over high speed Internet access. Nothing to do with the competitions pricing. got is right by quoting Level 3 as saying that "CDN services have historically been offered at a 20 to 30 percent premium to transit." No where is any competitor even mentioned. Saying you are going to cut your pricing by 20-30% is one thing, but Light Reading is implying that Level 3 is cutting it’s pricing 20-30% lower than the competition. That is wrong.

Now and others are quoting in their reports as the reason Limelight and Akamai stock is down in the market today. Is that the reason? Maybe, I don’t know. But if it is, then it’s based on an inaccurate quote.

Yes, I expect Level 3 to come to the market with a lower price when they announce their CDN for streaming later in the year, as I stated back in August. But to date, Level 3 has not announced any pricing discount numbers or percentages.