CDN Funding Continues: Panther Express, EdgeCast and CacheLogic Raising Money

Hot on the heels of Move Networks raising $34 million at the beginning of this month, more venture capital money will be flowing to other content delivery networks very shortly. Panther Express, EdgeCast and CacheLogic, amongst others, should all announce some pretty large funding deals in this quarter.

The bar between what CDNs have enough revenue to last 2-3 years is quickly dwindling as many of them are now raising enough capital to keep them in the game for at least the next two years while the market shakes out. Next year, we’re going to have a lot of providers in the market with deep pockets, as is evident by the salaries companies in the CDN space are now paying to attract senior sales people.

Add that to all of the P2P and hybrid solutions in the market, the confusion around what all of these CDNs really support and the speculation on what impact Level 3 may or may not have on the market, and next year is shaping up to be the perfect storm in the content delivery industry.

What do people think about us organizing a one day summit focused only on the CDN market? I am thinking of calling it and making it a small focused show and really marketing it to the analyst community. What do you think of the idea?