Last Week’s Overlooked News Items

Last week was a busy one for news. By now, everyone has already read many articles about the Microsoft and Adobe announcements along with many other mainstream news from IBC. In addition to the major announcements, there were some news stories and articles less mainstream that I found of interest.

  • From Rich Miller over at, which is a great blog about the data center industry, Rich has a post from last week entitled "Dueling Data on Volume of P2P Traffic" which talks to some new data released in the market that about what percentage of traffic on the Net comes from P2P. Lots of competing data, lots of different results.
  • From the website, a post from last week entitled "11 video download stores compared" gives a good detailed overview of the services lack of innovation and technology choices on how they are implementing DRM.
  • Scott Kirsner, who runs the CinemaTech blog is putting on a class entitled "Digital Distribution and Marketing" at The Film Arts Foundation in San Francisco. The class will be featuring a lot of case studies and Scott’s asking for help in spreading the word. I am always up for helping to promote anyone who is trying to educate the industry. Don’t know if Scott is still looking for good case studies, you can contact him at his website.
  • There was plenty of talk last week about how the Justice Department said Internet service providers should be allowed to charge a fee for priority Web traffic. Some sites already covered the news, but if you have not read about, do so now. It’s important.
  • Chris Albrecht over at had a great post last week entitled "What Constitutes an Online Hit?" where he addresses the problem with the way video sites measure traffic. Chris addresses a great question and one that I have been complaining about forever when it comes to online video metrics. This industry lacks any and all standards.